Sunday, October 28, 2012

FMQ October Challenge ~ Teri Lucas

October FMQ Challenge was a lot of fun ~ Thank you Teri !

This month was a great challenge, a bit of journaling, a bit of Practicing, and whalah, put it on fabric and you have this months October challenge completed!

Enjoyed this months challenge, and appreciate your efforts Sew Cal Gal in organizing our group!  Off to batten down the hatches as Hurricane Sandy is about to hit New England !


Quilt Along # 37

Quilt Along # 37 Jagged Lines

I found this FMQ pattern a little more difficult after so many weeks of smooth curves.  However, once you are in the motion, practice practice practice, I can see how this pattern would be a fun one to apply ~ especially with themed quilts involving stars, rocket ships or fireworks!

Off to prepare for the Hurricane that is coming our way.   Wanted to get posted, as with storms like these we can lose power in New England for a week.  See you ~

Quilt Along #36 Trapped Paisley

Quilt Along number 36, Trapped Paisley, part of the flowing lines series, was fun to do.   I enjoyed making all the smooth curves and will use this FMQ pattern again.

Thank you Leah Day

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Quilt Along # 35 Goldilocks

Quilt Along # 35 is another flowing line design, great for borders and sashings!   However, there is such a cool twist to this one.   Inside each of the bubbles you create within the lines, you fill in with a stipple design, creating more texture and pattern to a pretty simple design.  

These flowing line designs would be great used in picture quilts, rivers, clouds, and even snowbanks :)
Thank you Leah

Quilt Along # 34 Flowing Lines

Quilt Along # 34 is called Flowing Lines.   We have finished working with the pivotal designs and have moved on to these flowing designs that can create nice texture and a beautiful background in FMQ design.

Thank you Leah!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Quilt Along 33 Pivotal design Pointy Paisley

Love this little FMQ pattern. 

Imagine using this pattern on a fall decoration/quilt
where you may have used a fabric with candy corn motifs!  
Hard to believe we are on week 34 already!
Thanks Leah !