Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015 FMQC April Pillow

2015 April Pillow Challenge
All month I have been thinking about this FMQ Pattern by Christina Cameli called Peas in a Pod.   Every time I looked at the pattern I kept thinking fish bubbles, hmmm, wonder if my two little grandsons have anything to do with that  thinking :)
Anyway, the search was on for a snippet of fish fabric; and so happy to have found this one in my stash, it is almost like a satin/poly that washes well, which is important as I am using this months challenge to make another bed pillow, and now that the granddaughters are completed earlier in the challenges this year, this pillow will be for a grandson :)   All 4 of the grandchildren are under 5 so it is nice to have a pillow for each of them at Mimi's that is just their size.
I used the fish in the fabric for inspiration to design some fish in FMQ within the quilted pattern.
Thank you Christina, and Thank you Quilt Shop Gal, I am grateful for the monthly challenge that keeps me focusing on improving my skills, as life can get pretty busy and easy to let go of the fun stuff.
THought you might also like to see an update on last months challenge, I put a braid trim around the daisy and like it so much better.
Love when the camera strap makes its way into the photo :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015 April CQJP Block

Spring has arrived and although there has been snow falling occasionally, you will notice there are NO snowflakes embroidered on this months block.  Springtime in New England has arrived, and with the melting of the snow is the bursting through the hardened ground daffodils, crocuses, and other beautiful (bulb) flowers.   A pair of owl have been heard as they hooted their way through the tree tops in our neighborhood.

Therefore, this months block is a cheerful yellow color, with a button flower center, and once my silk ribbon arrives, it shall soon have a stem and leaves :)   The butterflies are twirling their way around the block seeking a resting spot among the beautiful buds in bloom.

my block for April indoor photo                                 Outdoor photo with updates  (updated May 4)
I used my first bits of hand dyed silk ribbon on this yellow button flower in the center of my block for the CQJP.   I am so happy with how this block is coming out.  The applique pieces I added beadwork too over the weekend as Kathy Shaw showed us how to spruce up your applique pieces.  I so enjoyed the added sparkle I finished the butterfly trail in beads, and then filled in the seam embellishment where the chick is, those lazy daisies, with beads.  As I write I think some little beads tossed around the chicks feet to look like grain will be a good idea to include on the block.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April CQ Class, Dyeing Lace

April Crazy quilt Class with Kathy Shaw has been so much fun.   This time our class is on an adventure in dyeing, and the medium is acrylic paint and rubbing alcohol ~ how much fun is that :)
So I put paint in little cups

Added the rubbing alcohol and stirred

Separated the liquid from the sludge, and now ready to paint Lace.

I then painted the carousel horses and this cotton cording. 

Here is a closeup of some of the horses as I was playing with different colors as I thinned out the colors further