Thursday, February 16, 2017

I finished a Crazy Quilt Block ~

Thursday, February 16, 2017

There you have it, I finished another of my crazy quilt blocks I started in Kathy Shaw's Crazy Quilt Classes.  It is a finished 12 inch block that is framed in one of the many fabrics I used within this block.

 I then created a quilt block storage portfolio carrying case in which to store my crazy quilt blocks; this is a portfolio I learned from Ellie Sienkavech (sp).  This dimensional crazy quilt block I used includes embellishments like Silk ribbon embroidery as well as using assorted thread weights and fibers. A beaded opal carbachon in the top left corner, a beaded monogram in the lower right, and some wisteria stumpwork along the bottom left with french knot sheep on the hillside.  The top right corner is a beautiful silk ribbon variagated ribbon in pastel colors for the petals and the seeded center of the flower is filled with glass beadwork.  Assorted embroidery stitches including many bullions, some very tiny, are part of this piece. 

At the center is a vintage photo printed on silk I purchased from Kathy Shaw, thank you Kathy. It is framed in a braid that I have attached tiny glass beads throughout the braid.  The handle allows me to not only carry the blocks with me, but also allows me to hang the portfolio up that this framed block can then be on display.

In this second photo is the back that I used a beautiful bead that sparkles and a corded elastic to close the flap; on another portfolio I used a heavy duty magnet and then attached a flannel rabbit motif to cover the magnet brace.  When you open the flap there are side fabric panels that unfold displaying any crazy quilt blocks in storage.

These flaps not only hold the blocks in place they also help to keep the blocks clean while in storage awaiting completion or for use in the next project as well as keep the blocks flat preventing wrinkling of the block. One portfolio will hold multiple blocks.  I have another one of these storage portfolios for my pieced quilt blocks and have yet to make one more for my Baltimore album blocks.  

I love stitching in the garden on the blocks and creating birds and bees and butterflies twirling about on those long winter days we experience in the north.  With another 6 inches of fresh snow that fell last night, totaling over two feet of snow in a weeks time, stitching flowers in the garden in between shoveling helps me recoup my strength for the next snowfall as I enjoy sitting by the fire.

fresh new snow that fell while we were sleeping
Maybe this weekend if the sunshine appears again we will have a chicken barbeque on the grille and enjoy the brilliance of the glistening snow as I imagine which garden flowers will be the first to appear as I await Springtime in New England.

Godspeed, and thanks for reading my blogpost ~ Hope all is well with each of you