Thursday, October 9, 2014

Registration Open for Crazy Quilt Class with Kathy

Kathy Shaw's Beginner Crazy Quilt Class
Registration open October 8-12th
If you have ever wanted to learn crazy quilting, brush up on some techniques you learned (or maybe didn't learn), Kathy's class may be for you :)
I was challenged, inspired, and enjoyed learning in this on-line classroom.  Kathy provides fantastic PDF materials, there is some reading to do, and challenges ahead; the investment of time was so worth the effort.  And what a delight Kathy is; she follows your work and charts each step of the process all the while she inspires, teaches, and encourages along the way. 
The classmates were a hoot, encouraged by women around the world! and inspired by their creativity and skills as we learned together.
Here is the Link to Kathy's page 
Forgot to tell you, the class is FREE !    Only a few days left to register
You can read about my experience with some of progress I made if you scroll through a few posts back on this blog.   Best crazy quilt class I have been in and look forward to my next class.