Monday, May 16, 2016

Registration open...

May 16, 2016

Quilters are in for a real treat
Shawkl has a "new" class
Registration open until Tuesday May 18.

Hello fellow quilters!  Have you been looking for a class to take?  or someone new to learn from?  Looking to make projects small enough to complete so you don't increase your stash of UFO's? 

My Crazy Quilting mentor, Kathy Shaw, is doing something totally new for us in blog land classes.  She is hosting a "traditional quilting" class where everything is done within a private blog from your computer.   No classes to drive to, you can do your assignments at your own pace.  And get this... she teaches them to her students for "FREE".  I know... almost unheard of today :)

Her name is Kathy Shaw and she is one of the "BEST".  Kathy is devoted to her family, an Author, and even has taught in college.  She encourages her students, will critique your work, and finds creative ways to help you learn something you may not know how to do, over the internet with words and photos, and for the one that may get stuck on an assignment or technique, she has been known to phone call you to help walk you through it...  I know - isn't that ever so kind.

You can chat with other quilters from around the world, how cool is that :)  You have access to see other gals projects too, as you encourage and inspire one another with your words and work.    If you are a self starter, as you need to work at your own pace and want to 'learn' some tips and techniques that may be new to you, or to have a refresher on some things you thought you knew but after class is over you now know better, and have fun in a quilt group from your own home you may want to register.  

You will need to know how to use a blog and upload photos.  You also may want to acquire a 3 ring binder, as Kathy's classes in the past are full of PDF's she allows you to download and print for personal-use-only so the learning continues as you complete each new assignment.

Today is Monday morning, and registration is open through Tuesday May 18 at Midnight Alabama time :)   Kathy Shaw is from the south in United States of America, alas, with blog-land we miss out on her accent (if she has one), but we get to enjoy her southern hospitality as she welcomes us into her home and life for the few months over the course of this class.

 I registered as soon as I saw class with Kathy was in session once again!  Maybe see you in class. Read more about it at the following link...


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Crazy Quilt Class Registration is OPEN ~ through March 18

If anyone is interested in learning how to create crazy quilt blocks from a Fantastic Teacher, my CQ teacher Kathy Shaw has opened her online class once again.  And get this, she teaches it for free, as she loves crazy quilting and wants to share the joy of crazy quilting with each of you.

Registration is open for such a short time, here is the link to get registered.

Happy Quilting Everyone ~

Monday, February 29, 2016

February ~ time to display Hearts and Feathers

Oh how I enjoyed creating this Valentine Celtic Hearts and Feathers quilt in the Free Motion Quilting Technique on my home sewing machine.   I created this quilt following online instruction from quilter Leah Day.  

I loved it so much I made two of them, and gave one to my oldest daughter.  It was a delightful surprise when I went to visit her earlier this month,  to see her quilt was hanging and part of her holiday decorations on her front door.  Oh, I should have taken a photo of her door.   I will have to ask her to do that and send me one to post.

Thanks Leah, still enjoying this quilt I made with you some time ago.