Thursday, July 31, 2014

Third CQ Block in the series with Kathy Shaw

Third in the series...

This is my third crazy quilt block I have made for the CQ Beginner Class with Kathy Shaw.  We are working with neutral colors, and only using 4 fabrics per 8x10.5 inch block.  I am including one texture fabric in each block.

My first block is done is off-white/tan neutrals.  For a texture fabric I used a cotton eyelet over cotton fabric.

My second block is done in white neutrals.  For a texture fabric I used a white lace over white cotton.  I also included a white satin fabric from my daughters wedding dress.

This, my third block is done in yellow neutrals.  For a texture fabric I used a yellow lace over peach cotton.

Hmmm. wonder what color neutrals my fourth fabric will include. 


Sunday, July 27, 2014

CQ Task #3 ~ Seam Templates

Task #3  Mary F ~ Preparing seam embellishment charts for marking seams


My Crazy Quilt Class with Kathy is moving along as we prepare to begin the embellishment of our crazy blocks we created last week.  I am thankful to be able to participate, and have learned much already from Kathy and fellow classmates in preparation for embellishing our blocks.  Kathy is such a good teacher as she wants us to learn her techniques for crazy quilting.  She has provided each of us with step by step instructions along the way, and in our supplies this week they included a handy little chart of her designs for seam embellishment.


Step one ~ Laminated my paper sheet of the stitch patterns using to embellish blocks.


Step two ~ Gathered supplies, cutting knife, mat, laminated sheet of patterns, and you can see we are still enjoying the pretty roses from our daughters wedding one week ago.


Step three ~ Make little rectangular cut outs in the laminations that go from above to below the pattern row of stitches on the page that covers where the seam line will be.   For some rows I put one cut-out at each end.  I then put one in the middle for aiding in seam placement or when using on a short row.  On other rows I just put two cut-outs a little bit in from both ends.  Once I use these patterns, I will soon learn if they are going to aid in placement, or where they will be of better service in a different location.  You can see the small pile of chads (cut-outs) on the side.


Step four ~ Gather more supplies for punching holes… I used my pink foam panel for the next step.  I made this from a piece of my husbands leftover insulation from a project he did on our home.  I covered this foam panel with muslin for a project I was working on for our daughters wedding dress.  I needed to make pleated fabric from chiffon, and this covered board allowed for not only a surface I could pin into, but would also be able to take the warmth of the iron as well.  A side benefit is that it was not heavy to hold in my lap as I pinned numerous pieces of fabric for 'the dress', and the granddaughters shoes.


I also used a chenille needle, and an awl from the tool shed, for punching the holes.


Step five ~ Pin or hold the sheet onto the foam board; with chenille needle you can make the tiny holes for pencil or chalk marking of dots, or for larger holes I used an awl. 


Step six ~ Once whole sheet was completed, I then punched a hole in on the end of each strip which here are separated by lines.  These holes are for attaching the strips onto a ring.


Step seven ~ Cut out each strip of pattern and put on a ring for handy use as needed.


This seems like a lot of work for an embellishment tool, but it is items like this that allow for greater accuracy and aid in creating a more beautiful work of art.


Thank you Kathy, you have been so generous with your teaching.  Hope this helps someone else who is doing crazy quilting using paper patterns.


If you would like more information about these patterns on this sheet see Kathy Shaw at


I also laminated and ringed the color charts to keep in my purse.  That handy tool is on Kathy's website. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Task #2 Mary F ~ Crazy Quilt Class with Kathy Shaw

Here is my Task # 2 assignment for the Crazy Quilt Class with Kathy.  Over the next year I will be creating more blocks with this same pattern while each block will have a different color palette.  For each block I plan on using the same color embellishments.  What I will be looking for are the effects of those same color embellishments against a different color, type and fabric background.  Along with comparison of color, I will also be considering an assortment of different Hoop styles I will be using.   Once each block is in the hoop, it will remain there until its completion. 

These are two of the blocks I have finished so far.  Each is created with the flip and sew method on white muslin fabric.  One of the blocks will be made up of all tan colors in neutral fabrics, and the other one is made up of all white color neutral fabrics.  Each block will have one type of texture fabric, ie. lace or linen, while the rest of the fabrics have a smooth texture.  The colors in all the blocks will range from an assortment of plain, tone on tones, and color.

TASK #2 Tan neutrals block with an eyelet lace texture
TASK #2 White neutrals block with a polyester lace texture

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Task #1 Crazy Quilt Class with Kathy!

Crazy Quilt Class with Kathy ~

I am so excited !   As I finished up all the stitchery for the wedding, I was just in time to read a blog-post from Kathy that she was hosting a crazy quilt class on-line!  With registration ending soon (a few days) I had work to do ~ as Kathy was going to accept me into the class! YIPEEEE!

So I set about getting my internet registration stuff done, my blog name up on the class site, and then began gathering my crazy quilt supplies to see what I may have and see what I still would need to order.   By Sunday night I began my class notebook having printed off my instructions.  Next was to wrap my square hoop with twill tape, and put together my pvc square frame.

I have now completed Task # 1, sent in a photo of my supplies, received my next assignment over the internet, and tomorrow will set about creating my foundation block.  

Task #1 My supplies
Here is a link to read more about the class ~

Godspeed ~  Mary

Sewing for the Wedding

Woohoo ~ our daughter was married this weekend and although we are a bit tired ourselves from all the celebrating, we are overjoyed!   They are off on their honeymoon while the parents are having a low key week of relaxation and grandchildren fun in the warm New England sun.

These last two months all my available (and awake) time at home has been spent in my sewing studio making many preparations for the special day.  Although the bride was overjoyed with "the dress" she had purchased, it was in need of some serious alterations over the next 8 weeks :)  Our daughter was so confident her mom could accomplish all of this in her spare time.  I do believe she has more confidence in my abilities than I do at times.

The lovely beaded bodice part of the dress was two sizes too large, the length was one foot too long, and to her dismay it was strapless.   All things a momma could fix, Right?  I set about creating sketches for re-creating the dress and planning a strategy along with a timeline that I thought would accomplish the task at hand. 

As we were in need of perfect matching fabric,  that 12" hem I was to cut off would provide plenty of fabric, which, although it was on the bias, would be just wide enough on the straight of grain to create not only straps for this strapless dress, but also 2 pairs of shoes for the flower girls, 2 ring bearer pillows for the boys, and still have pieces left over for a garter, and a few scraps to go into a crazy quilt block.

 These little shoes were perfect for the occasion and not only were they pretty, they stayed on the little ones feet for the entire day!  The ring bearers pillow is my own creation, no pattern.  The pleats in both elements are a design element in the dress; one I used to create the straps on the dress and later used also on the shoes and the pillows.  

Godspeed ~

Beautiful Bride
Flower girl shoes made from wedding dress fabric
Ring bearer pillows made from wedding dress fabric and lavender I picked from the garden

Here is the link for the pattern for the shoes....

Baby Grandchildren keeping me busy

Crochet summer sandals
Sewing reversible dresses
What joy it is being Mimi to our 4 grandchildren.Our grandsons are ages 3 and 2 and our granddaughters,
both born last year, are ages 1 and 7 months.  

It is so much fun using the skills I have learned in creating
clothing and toys and more for each of them.

Here are a few photos of some recent pieces of work I have made.

Although I love quilting, for now it has been taking a back seat to these other craft skills. 

Terrycloth Robe
Minion mittens and slippers
Smocking Bonnets
Knitting hats