Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quilt Along #10 ~ Preparing a Wholecloth Top

Quilt Along   #10 Preparing a WholeCloth Quilt Top
  Preparing a wholecloth for quilting was our project this past week. 
                      Leah created a beautiful feather and heart pattern she shared with us this week as she walked us through the steps of how to prepare our fabric for quilting this project.  
Cutting the correct size, spraying with starch and then pressing the opposite side of that which was sprayed were the first steps of preparation.
                   Once the pattern was printed we began the process of assembling the pieces and
tracing the pattern.  For a light source for seeing the pattern through the fabric I taped the pattern  to our sliding glass door on a sunny day, and then taped the heavily starched red fabric right side up on top of the pattern while the sunlight revealed the lines to trace. 

Using a white chalk pencil I traced the celtic looking heart and feather pattern onto enough fabric to create two quilts, and tomorrow I will trace two more.

While tracing the pattern, I was thinking about where I will begin and end my quilting lines, which helped me as I began the process of putting the pattern to memory!  Once the tracing was done on both pieces, I cut out the Batt and Backing for both.  One will be done with a Warm and natural cotton batt, and the other will be done with a low loft poly batt.  
Once these two are done, I hope to have time to do two more, one with a Hi loft batt and one with a wool batting.  These will make lovely Valentine holiday gifts !

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