Sunday, June 17, 2012

QA #18 Loopy Lines with Leah, update applique quilt and nest in my silk flowers

QA # 18 Loopy Lines

Thank you Leah for this months Loopy Lines Quilt Along .   I enjoyed the tutorial and love the suggestion for using this pattern in the border of a quilt! I continue to work on the beading of my applique` quilt, having assembled it in rows, it is now time to handstitch the bindings on the back of the quilt before I put it all together!  Will post photo's once completed.

Part of the quilting process was testing out rayon thread colors to use in machine embroider around applique` pieces.  I did not want to throw these samples away, so I made them into mug rugs for the room where this quilt will be used.

I used the loopy line pattern on the background of the mug rugs!  Thank you Leah ~ glad you are back to the quilt alongs!

Update on my appliqué quilt…


My appliqué quilt blocks are quilted, beaded and connected by hand. 

 I was able to connect the quilted rows with wash out marker.   

 In FMQ, I was able to connect the quilting from one block to the next.   It worked J 

 I chose the Dritz mark b gone marker as the blue lines could be removed with a wet sponge. 

 If you have been following my story, you know how much this quilt has already been soaked and scrubbed and washed. 

 And now in this heat it won't take long to dry... off to quilt the rest of the rows of blocks, and tonight to begin the beading on the borders J

*Update Momma Robin update
There was a surprising update on the Momma Robins nest in my silk flower arrangement outside my sewing studio window…. the first Robin family moved away, the three little ones had taken flight, and the very next day the same nest in my silk flower grapevine wreath was upgraded with fresh mud and grasses.  After a few days rebuilding and drying time this new family of Robins have moved in J  

How is the view from your window? 


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  1. oh, how cute!I love the pink thread against the yellow fabric!