Sunday, March 29, 2015

2015 March CQJP Block

March Crazy Quilt Journal Project...

Learning a new-to-me type of hand quilting these past couple of years has been both fun and challenging.   In the recent past most of my quilting has been by machine, as I am especially drawn to free motion quilting.  Having said that, there is something unique about hand stitchery that I am drawn to it.  Even though it takes longer to complete and does not supply instant gratification by any means, there is still something very desirable in the art form.  The holding the project close, the touch of the fiber in hand, the needle and thread passing through fabric,  pondering what to do next or which thread to use, not to mention color.

I have been taking classes from Kathy Shaw ~ she is one special lady, teaching numerous students the different skills of crazy quilting, and yes, it is over the internet.  She holds classes where there may be over 100 students in a class all the while multiples classes are going on at the same time.  Not only is she super organized, but personally responds to each person's project, not only giving encouragement but criticism constructively where needed, while providing inspiration and further instruction.  Oh, did I mention her classes are "FREE".  I know, in this day and age ?  Yes, she desires to share what she knows and has loved with this next generation of crazy quilters.  Students are not only beginners like myself, but some are quite experienced crazy quilters where there is much inspiration to be had as you blog your journey through the classes.  You can find a link to the 2015 Crazy Quilt Journal Project blog on the sidebar.   Here is a link to Kathy's blog:

Here is my March block for the 2015 CQJP

 Further thoughts :
Maybe it is just the slow thoughtful pace of embroidering each stitch that allows the mind to rest or sort through ones thoughts that create this desire for hand stitching; I am not sure which it is, but crazy quilting is a quilting skill that allows for some silence in the midst of an American culture of busyness and noise, the noise of both sight and sound (even action) that interrupts the silent moments of our day constantly.   Silence can create an inward act of being still in spirit, allowing for personal refreshment of the soul, the mind to process ideas and work through challenges as one learns about herself, while still allowing time to pray adding peace and strength into the day as she creates. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter ~

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