Sunday, May 17, 2015

102 E ~ polish, markers, watercolor pencils

The Finish of class 102 E
Polish, Markers, and Watercolor Pencil
What fun I had with these household items
Thank you Kathy for stretching my creativity!   By utilizing items I already had in the house, and then changing the color on the object I was multiplying my stash and now have a larger rainbow of color to work with  :)
My dear husband purchased me these gold thread charms.  I was including them in cards to my stitching friends.   Now with a small bottle of nail polish I can color code the thread to match the notecard or include it in my block :)  The bottom shapes are brass colored metal, not charms but have these points on the bottom you press through the fabric and then bend the points over.  As you can tell I am unable to come up with the word at the moment.

Here are the photos of my silk ribbon flowers and butterfly, first in the white silk ribbon on a piece of white muslin, then I color changed them with Sharpie ultra fine tip markers.   Love the change, and the fine tip helped keep it off the background!  I can see in the photo that the lifting tool I used was a little to large and made tiny holes in the muslin that I now need to go and brush the fabrics fibers and pull on the bias, and they will disappear.

I can only imagine the pretty gardens can now have in my future...
with or without weeds, my choice :)
And the Final element of class was this beautiful little lady under the umbrella.   This is Kathy Shaws design, that we were to print via an inkjet printer, which I am unable to do.... so to accomplish this class I enlarged the drawing with a photo copy machine, taped it to my window, and then taped a piece of muslin on top.  I then traced the image onto the muslin.   Next I removed both muslin and paper from the window, and turned the muslin upside down and taped it again to the window so the light from outside would highlight the pencil marks enough so I could see where I was to color.  

I then took out my watercolor pencils and proceeded to color in the lady.  With 12 colors to choose from in my pencil box, I then played with blending and shading and designing fabric.  I chose a plaid basket weave type of design for her dress and hat, and solid for her ribbons and shawl.  The umbrella too was colored to go with her outfit, and you can see the shadow of the other side of the umbrella through the design. 

When enough color had been added and I got a good feel for the design, I removed from the window and hooped my little lady.   I first put down one layer of plain muslin, and then the colored layer on top before hooping.   This extra foundation will help support whatever  embellishments I am going to include.   I then added a bit more color, now that the light is not shining through, and dry brushed to further blend the colors. 

Once completed with pencil I then began to embellish with threads and ribbons; French knots on her hat are created from hand dyed silk ribbon made in an earlier class.   I have my little lady still hooped, and over time as the ideas come I will embellish her further and eventually hope to include this lady in a crazy quilt project.

Thank you Kathy for investing your time and talents in me that I could learn these skills from you to apply to my art work.   This little lady on a piece of muslin with some color and thread and ribbon, well the possibilities are endless if you can draw and color, you can create it.   I appreciate you and what you do for all of us ladies.

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