Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Grandson Quilt ~ Row by Row

Grandson Quilt Front ~ row by row
Grandson Quilt Back

      This quilt was made in July 2015 as part of the Row by Row Challenge in the USA and Canada.  Participating Quilt shops are giving away a free pattern (row), you collect as many patterns as you like and create a quilt, row by row.  you must use at least 8 rows.  If you are the first person to bring in a completed, quilted, bound, labeled, quilt to a participating shop you win a prize. I won a fantastic prize from the Golden Gese Quilt Shop ~ thank you so much, I love all my new fabrics :)

      I finished binding this quilt last night, and so excited to share my quilt with all of you.  I used the 11 rows I collected from different places, 10 from USA and 1 from Canada.   My husband and  I enjoy our visits to new quilt shops and I love making purchases of some fine fabrics to bring home.   All the blocks I chose are things our two grandsons ages 3 and 4 enjoy like fishing, tractors, and dragons (in Lake Champlain )  .   It is a two sided quilt, 5 rows on the front and 6 rows on the back.  


  1. I'm just seeing this now - what a terrific job you did on this quilt! I visited a lot of shops last summer, but wasn't able to see how the designs could be combined the way you have done it. I really like the way they make a picture rather than only being rows. : )
    Certainly this is a quilt to be remembered and remembered by!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments June. My husband and I traveled to a few states to get the rows that would be fun to include in this quilt for the grandsons. I too, do not care for the look of the rows, so planned carefully how to arrange the rows I had to make it into a picture using the row by row patterns. The grandsons have had many a sleepover this winter tucked under the warmth of this quilt. Thank you for writing.