Monday, February 29, 2016

February ~ time to display Hearts and Feathers

Oh how I enjoyed creating this Valentine Celtic Hearts and Feathers quilt in the Free Motion Quilting Technique on my home sewing machine.   I created this quilt following online instruction from quilter Leah Day.  

I loved it so much I made two of them, and gave one to my oldest daughter.  It was a delightful surprise when I went to visit her earlier this month,  to see her quilt was hanging and part of her holiday decorations on her front door.  Oh, I should have taken a photo of her door.   I will have to ask her to do that and send me one to post.

Thanks Leah, still enjoying this quilt I made with you some time ago.


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    1. Oh thank you daughter :) I was so happy with the finish of this quilt, and that contrast of red and white was perfect for this design.
      thank you dear
      love you

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    1. Thank you Jennifer ! Appreciate your kind words. It has been fun learning free motion quilting on a home machine.