Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quilt Along #9 and 2012 FMQ March Challenge

Quilt Along #9 and 2012 FMQ Challenge for March

This month is all about "PRACTICE"

Ann Fahl has been sharing with us on the FMQ Challenge simple patterns that can be
mastered well when we put them to practice... I have altered the spiral daisy a wee bit as I find this pattern here in the photo's easier under my hands without cross over threads. 

Leah Day has been sharing with us on FMQ~along steps to completing a wholecloth quilt in a domestic machine, and encouraging us this week to put what we have learned so far into practice.

So here I have a baby quilt (nothing says little girl quilt quite like swiss dot and pink gingham check).  Here I not only have practiced this spiral centered daisy and loopty doops FMQ pattern, but also gave another go at adding an additional border to an already quilted piece, a technique we learned  back in an earlier quilt along class.   This technique does get easier every time I have done it!  By the time my grandsons are needing larger quilts, if they have favorites, I will be able to enlarge them so they may enjoy them a wee bit longer.
Time to get the lightbox out and get a pattern on Fabric for next weeks Quilt Along !
Thank you Leah Day,  Ann Fahl and Sew Cal Gal :)
Another UFO just about completed :)


  1. an't Stop - I agree about swiss & gingham. Those are two of my favorites, too. I do like the spiral-centered daisy and loopty doos. Free flowing pattern that looks great!

  2. Love your quilt's FMQ pattern. Daisies are my favorite too. The quilt is just so adorable.

  3. The spiral daisy is cute...perfect for a little girl's quilt.

  4. very nice....I like this way of doing the flowers..I get messy when crossing over. Of course I tend to be a bit messy

  5. Oh the flowers are great! and good idea about extending the size of the quilts....

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and I appreciate your kind words. Very nice of you!