Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FMQ Challenge April and Quilt Along #14

FMQ Challenge for April with Don Linn was fantastic.  Don taught us how to create a stencil using tulle, allowing us to make changes and/or alter our own drawings or stencils we have on hand, and then apply that image to a quilt without the need of a light box.  Love it ~

I created a motif (different than Don's sample) that went with my UFO and QA # 14 project with Leah Day.  Leah had us apply the skills we had learned in previous quilt alongs onto an applique project.  In this UFO, I had an applique heart with hand embrodered french knots in which I chose to use micro stippling and the following a line method all around the edge of the heart applique and also on the borders on this wall quilt.

I also used a loopy-d-loop and heart leaf pattern on the background of the heart applique.  The batting I used was a fusible batt in which you layer your quilt and then you iron it on the hottest setting with lots of steam on both sides of your quilt.  I found as I quilted this piece the batt seperated from the layers.  I wonder now, if I had washed my fabrics before I created the piece?  This will be something I will test again in a future project to see how well this batt works on washed fabric... for now, I do not think I will use this batt on a large quilt.

I applied two corner pockets to hold a rod for hanging, in place of a sleeve, I learned this method on TQS.  My label information is on one of those corners, thanks Danielle, great idea for personal quilts!  However, I forgot to name the quilt. I do think if I am going to ship quilts or enter in shows or put on public display, I would still use labels that are actually quilted into the project, but for personal and gifted quilts, I find this corner label is quick and easy and gets the job done.

I soaked the quilt in a tub of cool water to remove starch, fusible, and marks.  Now it remains on a frame as it is being blocked.  All that is left to do is put the binding on :)

Leah question for you, can't remember if you addressed this yet? at some point can you address binding color on your quilts, if you have not already... This project is now ready to bind, and just found that I am out of fabric that is the last border, and I usually go match or darker... but wondered what you thought  .... last border is dark brown, background white, and applique heart red ( see top photo) Would you go a darker color or something else?

Thanks Don and Leah ~ you have inspired me to get another UFO completed :)


  1. Very cool. I still have to do my Sew Cal Gal challenge. I hope mine comes out as good as yours.

  2. Nice job.....I agree with Pat....If I ever finish my spring cleaning; I will do mine. Fingers crossed.

  3. Spring cleaning? WHAT Spring cleaning? ;o)

    Nice work. Really like the corner work!

  4. Very cute!! Nice quilting.

  5. I love the corner pockets! What a great idea! Your project is lovely!