Tuesday, August 21, 2012

QA #27 How to store your quilt

QA # 27 How to store your quilt

Although Leah Day had a computer malfunction, she still found a way to provide us with a quilt-along for the week.  Thank you Leah! 
I had just purchased a noodle last month to do this very project for my whole-cloth feather wall hangings we made in an earlier quilt along.  I made 4 small wall quilts having in mind that  3 of them were for gifts.  My plan was to roll them on a covered noodle, but love the idea of a sleeve!

The sleeve also provides for these three Christmas gifts to be wrapped way before Christmas!  Once I pick up another noodle, I will get this third one wrapped up in no time.  I took a shortcut and cut the end of the sleeves with pinking sheers and tied the extra fabric into a knot.

Question for you Leah?  Do you ever pin your quilts to the noodle, or does the tautness of the sleeve keep the quilt tight on the roll?

Another finish this week for me was my Applique quilt.  It is all done on my domestic sewing machine in FMQ, and the beadwork is all done by hand. 

I designed the pillowtop especially to fit our pillows, without tucking in, which allows the garland border to remain smooth without ripples.  

  I also did some special features on the corners in order for the gentle drape where the blue bows are.

One of the blocks is my own design, while the others are from an Eleanor Burns QIAD pattern.




  1. Mary, that quilt is stunning as is you quilting! Wow! Love applique and you should be super proud. Love your own design and the attention to detail

  2. Mary, what an exquisite quilt! So beautifully quilted too. Did the Diane-shiko design seem to take forever? I'd love to know what your grid size was for that part of your quilting design. Truly an heirloom.

  3. No wander it took so long to quilt it. All the intricate stuff. It is beautiful. I sure hope you kept it. You know how us quilters are. We sew and give.

  4. My hat is off to you. Love the way you thought through the sides and corners when working out the layout for this quilt.

  5. Your applique quilt is just STUNNING! Awesome job.

  6. nice work.. it is simply stunning

  7. Your work is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing!!!

  8. Beautiful quilt! It fit's your bed like a glove;)

  9. What a beautiful project to share! Bravo! and thanks for sharing your interpretation of storing the quilts too.

  10. The applique quilt is awesome.

    Really enjoyed seeing how the "noodle" storage worked for you.