Sunday, August 26, 2012

UFO Sunday ~ Shower curtain

I have been collecting these fabrics to make a shower curtain for our bathroom since Spring, not sure how best to arrange them.  I have been "quilting in glass" with my husband this summer, as we have been tiling our bathroom. 

Here are some photos of the fabrics ~ I had such a hard time deciding how to use them... Finally this week it hit.... I would create a strip across the top of the curtain using the pattern we used in the small tiles, squares on point and quarter square triangles... then to add some piping...

That is what I am working on today~ hope to have a finish soon!  Although I love the fabrics, seashell theme, will be so glad to have it off the design wall ....

These home dec fabrics don't handle as nice as the 100% cottons.   Once done, then on to bath accessories.


  1. I love this. The shell fabric would look so great in our newly remodeled master bath too. Isn't it fun to see these projects come together!

  2. I love this shower curtain! Great job getting it done.

  3. Very nice! I can't wait to see the final reveal of the bathroom.

  4. I love before and after reveals...I look forward to yours.

  5. I love this! We are moving soon, I need to quilt shower curtains!

  6. Beautiful! Home decor fabrics do present a challenge when compared to 100% cotton, but you conquered the challenge with great results.