Friday, July 25, 2014

Task #2 Mary F ~ Crazy Quilt Class with Kathy Shaw

Here is my Task # 2 assignment for the Crazy Quilt Class with Kathy.  Over the next year I will be creating more blocks with this same pattern while each block will have a different color palette.  For each block I plan on using the same color embellishments.  What I will be looking for are the effects of those same color embellishments against a different color, type and fabric background.  Along with comparison of color, I will also be considering an assortment of different Hoop styles I will be using.   Once each block is in the hoop, it will remain there until its completion. 

These are two of the blocks I have finished so far.  Each is created with the flip and sew method on white muslin fabric.  One of the blocks will be made up of all tan colors in neutral fabrics, and the other one is made up of all white color neutral fabrics.  Each block will have one type of texture fabric, ie. lace or linen, while the rest of the fabrics have a smooth texture.  The colors in all the blocks will range from an assortment of plain, tone on tones, and color.

TASK #2 Tan neutrals block with an eyelet lace texture
TASK #2 White neutrals block with a polyester lace texture

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