Tuesday, February 10, 2015

* Updated *** 2015 FMQC February Pillow

***************  Updated  **************** 

I wasn't happy with the finish of my February Pillow for my granddaughter for when she visits, so I took it apart and added more Free Motion Quilting.   I am now satisfied it is completed, and think she will enjoy it!  
                       The Finish                                                                          Before

 I also added a quilted band on the right of the pillow and quilted it, and embroidered her name on it so it is now a rectangle shape for a bed pillow :)   Now to make some pillowcases for sleepovers :)
2015 Free Motion Quilting Challenge
I so enjoyed the lesson in the FMQC this month with instructor Leah Day.  For our pillow back the free motion quilting design Leah taught us was Hot Hot swirling spirals.  It was fun to do and filled the back quite nice.
On the front of the pillow Leah taught us a bubble fern pattern which I added to the outside of the fern spine; I wanted to have some blank space between the fern and the four leaf clover.  As Option #3 Quilt Shop Gal had suggested a clover motif as a third option if you did not desire to do an applique on the front of the pillow, which I chose to do.
I loved the way Leah taught us how to make a two piece back (with buttons) for the pillow cover so it can be removable.  Although I did not apply that teaching to this pillow, I will use those techniques sometime in the future on a pillow that I want to be able to remove the cover for seasonal change or washing.

Thank you Leah Day and Quilt Shop Gal for this February Challenge :)


  1. Very nice! Your spirals are so much better than mine! ~Jeanne

    1. Thank you Jeanne... I am having a good time being challenged and glad I can finally do the spirals. Lots of practice though.

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    1. Thank you Sheri for the encouraging words. I do like the swirly designs. I still look at that clover pillow in my sewing studio, and can't decide what else to do to it, but I know it will get something more before I give it away :) Hope you are enjoying the challenges and giving them a try.

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    1. Thank you Karin :) It sure is fun doing them each month, and what a year of teachers we have coming up ! Wow. Should be challenged for sure this year :)

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    1. Thank you for those encouraging words. It is fun being challenged each month.