Thursday, March 26, 2015

* Updated * 2015 FMQC March Pillow

****************  Updated  *****************
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Our March Pillow Challenge was led this month by Patsy Thompson ~ Wow!  What a great teacher :)

This pillow I made for my daughter-in-love who loves Daisy Flowers, this tan fabric is a piece I had left from their wedding quilt I made 5 years ago this year.... I made the center flower out of wool felt using free motion quilting using Patsy's trapunto directions.  Next I attached the completed flower to the center of the pillow, added more Free Motion Quilting to the flower including the 3 layer pillow top of fabric, batt and backing.  I then did more free motion quilting, this time on the pillow front creating borders on point around the flower, then I added feathers and fillers around the daisy.   I added some wiggle pattern inside one of the frames, and shells on the corner frames.  The final addition was straight line sewing to fill the corners.

Thank you Patsy for all your encouragement, I enjoy your DVD's you graciously shared with me as a prize from the 2012 challenge, as well as your website and these tutorials you do!   I love your book.  Thank you Patsy!

Updated the flower and put a trim around that I think gives such a nice finish!
Made changes to my pillow front adding trim around the flower and stippling around shells in corner

And now some photos of the back of my pillow before the pillow form was inserted... I followed Leah Days tutorial in February for the back with one exception, I put the buttonhole band on the bottom piece and the buttons on the inside of the top piece, as I did not want the buttons to detract from the back or be uncomfortable if anyone should lay on the back of the pillow...

This is the pillow cover inside-out so that you see the lining,
I stitched the top and bottom seams of the pillow front and back together
 notice that the placement of buttonhole strip lies on top of the pillow back top
then the side seams are stitched. 

This is the back of the pillow right sides out.
Note the three buttons are stitched on the inside of the top of the pillow back

This cover is now removable for washing in cold to warm water with no dryer (wool felt flower)

Thank you Darlene, these challenges do make me "Stop" being busy and cause me to make time to quilt when so many other things that I enjoy are competing for my time. Loads of fun and inspiration as well as learning skills that have challenged me :) 


  1. oh wow Mary, your cushion is beautiful.... I love the colours and the design...

    1. Oh thank you so much Fiona... I really enjoy the challenges, and Patsy's style is so free form and fun. I just uploaded a couple more photos as I added some trim around the daisy, and then some photo's of the back. I used Leah Day's tutorial for a removable pillow cover, and made a few changes. Thank you so much for commenting :)

  2. Oh, I like did a wonderful job. Love the fullness of the daisy flower. Really stands out and your quilting is gorgeous. Agree that these challenges are full of inspiration and fun. I like this type of guided learning.

    1. Thank you Karin for the encouraging words. All the batt (cotton) and the fact that I used wool felt gave it lots of POP .... next time I might try poly batt to see if I get even more "Pop" .