Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015 April CQJP Block

Spring has arrived and although there has been snow falling occasionally, you will notice there are NO snowflakes embroidered on this months block.  Springtime in New England has arrived, and with the melting of the snow is the bursting through the hardened ground daffodils, crocuses, and other beautiful (bulb) flowers.   A pair of owl have been heard as they hooted their way through the tree tops in our neighborhood.

Therefore, this months block is a cheerful yellow color, with a button flower center, and once my silk ribbon arrives, it shall soon have a stem and leaves :)   The butterflies are twirling their way around the block seeking a resting spot among the beautiful buds in bloom.

my block for April indoor photo                                 Outdoor photo with updates  (updated May 4)
I used my first bits of hand dyed silk ribbon on this yellow button flower in the center of my block for the CQJP.   I am so happy with how this block is coming out.  The applique pieces I added beadwork too over the weekend as Kathy Shaw showed us how to spruce up your applique pieces.  I so enjoyed the added sparkle I finished the butterfly trail in beads, and then filled in the seam embellishment where the chick is, those lazy daisies, with beads.  As I write I think some little beads tossed around the chicks feet to look like grain will be a good idea to include on the block.

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