Monday, May 25, 2015

2015 FMQC May Pillow with Cindy N

May Pillow - More photos to come in daylight hours :)

Lots of "POP" with Scribbling Technique... check out those dinosaurs...
Used my new "Ultimate Stencils" from Cindy Needham 
Daytime photo
By the window in the daylight really shows the dimension

What fun I had with the May Pillow Challenge!   Cindy Needham was our instructor, and this months class was a great opportunity for me to try out my new stencils my husband purchased from Cindy for me for Christmas ~ WOW ~ that was such a surprise!   Way to go honey.  Loved how easy the "Ultimate Stencil" made for creating this star.

This month I would be creating the fourth bed pillow for one of our grandchildren for sleepovers at Mimi's house.   This grandchild loves star gazing with Mimi, so I thought a nice BIG star in the center was a good place to start and I would finally try out my new stencils.  

When I told my grandson about his special pillow, and the star I had placed in the center, he was very happy, and thought maybe Mimi could include some planets, and while I was at it, a dinosaur on the planet earth would be a good idea, Heehee, he is only 3 :) 

Well, I took his inspirational ideas, and created four circles with a celtic type over/under that connected the circles to the original golden star within a circle I quilted.  I then stitched inside the four small circles my take on what some of the dinosaurs might look like ~ stitching them in green threads.   Then I began the echo stitching around everything in white thread to match the fabric, and thought two go-arounds of echo quilting would be better than just one....

Lots of Sunshine and Shadow, now to rinse blue marks then heat erase the frixion pen marks

Once the echo quilting was completed, I then did scribbling for the background, a technique that Cindy taught in her Craftsy class, "Design it Quilt it.   Love that class ~ Cindy is the best Free Motion Quilt Teacher.     I own a copy of her first published book, and I am blessed to have her self-published books that she updates yearly, and I have been in her classes (in person) when she was teaching at the Vermont Quilt Show, and I have a set of her recently released "Ultimate Stencils" ~ square and circle, not to mention I watch her on the quilt show  (she has done two episodes now), and follow her blog.

Pillow on the sofa

Thanks Cindy for being such a great teacher and an inspiration!   I have enjoyed this second Quilt Challenge Darlene has hosted with you as our instructor ! 
Next sleepover we will make a pillowcase

Thanks Quilt Shop Gal :)   You help keep me stitching when I am not playing with those 4 grandbabies under 5 :)  Next time each grandchild is here for a sleepover, we will go through mimi's fabric stash and let them pick out fabric for a pillowcase for their special pillow and have another sewing class time together.



  1. Awesome! Did an amazing job on the light and shadow technique that Cindy teaches. Your pillow is very nice.

  2. Beautiful pillow...very creative. I like those little animals around the centre. Really nice quilting.

  3. Your pillow is veryy beautifu!
    I am agree with you, Cindy is really the best teacher.

  4. What a wonderful creative and personal pillow! How fun to design with your grandson!

  5. love your pillow you made....