Monday, October 12, 2015

A finish from Kathy Shaws class

I am so excited to have a project finished and hanging... it has been sometime since I last posted.  

I have been taking Kathy Shaws Crazy quilting classes on the internet; I am a newbie crazy quilter having only dabbled a bit creating few crazy quilted projects before meeting up with Kathy.  I hope you are inspired and maybe even encouraged to try this art form of needlework so I will share with you what I am learning. 

The first photo is of a practice piece of muslin I created from her dyeing classes; I believe we were using acrylic paint turned into dyes for this piece....  I have to tell you my dyed fabric pieces did not look like anyone elses in the class and boy I wondered where I would take this piece of fabric...

The second photo is taken in my backyard by a yard decoration set-up I created for our 5th annual Fanslau Family Fun Fall Festival.  This huge pumpkin is a table painted orange and the green stem is a gardeners/prayer warriors kneeling pad.  The framed project is from Kathy Shaws class 107 on silk ribbon embroidery of small gardens; again this is my practice piece I learned silk ribbon embroidery on .... I put the two assignments from class on the one piece of work and of course added a few extra details like a village with a church, mountains, lighthouse, waterfall and gristmill, pathways, etc.   I wanted to include critters and such, but it is time to take another class, so calling this one completed, maybe I will include some novelty pins later on.  I learned so much about what to do and not to do while working on this project...

The third photo is the framed piece hanging in my home; the dimensions of the project inside the navy blue border is  10  1/2 inches high x 11  1/2 inches wide piece.... hmmmm, pretty happy with this practice piece and thought I would share it with all of you - hope it brings someone a little bit of inspiration and encouragement to give these classes a try.  Learned so much from Kathy Shaw... so grateful Kathy for your investment in me with these art forms, classes and encouragement.

Now a note about Kathy Shaw... one lovely generous lady who has learned these art skills with a hearts desire to pass on her knowledge to others...  check out more about Kathy Shaw on her blog...



  1. I have just enjoyed the nicest browse through your blog! You do beautiful work. It always makes me smile to see someone else enjoying Kathy's classes. They are fantastic! I also love, love, love your row by row quilt. Beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much Renee ~ kind words and encouragement are so appreciated