Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quilt Along #7 Connected Quilted Pieces

Quilt Along #7
Connected Quilted Pieces

Enjoying quilting each week with Leah Day as she challenges us by sharing on Wednesdays
what she is doing this week in FMQ and then on Thursdays answering our questions! 
 It has been educational and fun :)  

My quilting samples that I have connected for this weeks FMQ project is
a few more of the Teddy Bears. 

(front of one quilt row)

 For this project I had completed a dozen samples of the teddy bears, and have connected these quilted samples with strips of  fabric into four rows of three bears each,
 creating a very small quilt center.  

(back of one quilt row)

I stitched 1" folded binding onto the front simultaneously with 1.5" folded binding on back (back binding was set 1/8" away from the edge, to give me enough binding to later cover the front stitching).  I then folded the front binding over and stitched the edge down by machine.  Then, I folded over the back binding and hand stitched it in place covering the machine stitching.

This FMQ project will later become a baby quilt for a grandchild
once I add on borders increasing its size and bind it.   


  1. hi to all of you,

    i have a there any possibilty to get the pattern of this teddybear, i do make little quilts of love for small "sick" children and it would be a great pattern for them,

    THANKS in advance , with Love

    Toos from Luxembourg Europe

    1. Thank you for your work with sharing quilts with sick children. I am so glad you like the Teddy Bear Pattern. I bet they would love Teddy bear quilts. I do not have a pattern for this Teddy bear to share, but if you go to any store and purchase a very young childs coloring book, you will have access to all sorts of large drawings you can use as patterns to make your quilts, teddy bears, chickens, ducks etc. That is a great affordable source for many images. Hope this helps.