Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vacation wk #2, update on Momma Robin

Quilt Along Vacation month ~ Update on momma Robin
My quilt along vacation projects are coming along nicely having completed a few unfinished projects around here.   This month I hope to complete my applique quilt I started some time ago.  With 12 blocks assembled, my design wall is full, and I am now quilting each of those blocks with a poly batt.  Once I have all the blocks quilted, I will put them together the way Leah showed  us some weeks ago, using a lattice system. 

All of the blocks will be echo quilted according to the pattern of the applique, and some of the blocks will also have motifs in them.  I am using a technique I learned from Don Linn to get the motif exactly where I want it on the block.  Here you can see my very large hoop with tulle fabric. I was able to get three stencils inside this hoop, for 3 of the blocks, without having to change stencils! Thanks again Don.  Once all 12 blocks are completed, I will then decide how much stippling to add before assembling the quilt top.  Then on to finish the borders.

Update on momma Robin, who nested in my silk flowers on my porch outside my sewing studio room.  Each day she has laid one little blue egg…. and here are 3 eggs she is tending ~ My last post shows a better photo of the nest in the wreath when she had finished creating the nest.




  1. Love your quilt block.
    Those Robbin egg's are so adorable. Last year we had the Robbins nest in our front proch on one of those decorate evergreens. Its lovely to watch them.

  2. Watching the birds can be so entertaining! In the past, I have hummingbirds constantly in my silk flowers on our front porch area. I wonder what thoughts go through their little minds?? Your work is so lovely!. We all have learned so much from Leah!

  3. If your other blocks look as gorgeous as that one, it will be one spectacular quilt! I love those flowers! I really want to try the QAYG method, too. Let us know how you like it.