Sunday, May 6, 2012

QA Week # 16 Zippling, Vacation wk 1and momma has made a nest

A break from the quilt along for the month of May, has provided time to work on UFO's and other assorted things.   I spent some of that time working on the Zippling stitch…the little buttonhole on the left is how I keep my stitch samples on a ring, handy for review and inspiration.

I also completed and bound quilt #4 of the wholecloth feather wall quilts.  Three Christmas gifts done, and one of them hangs in my own home as well.  

Thought you may enjoy this photo of a Robin momma who decided a safe place to nest this Spring would be in my silk flower grape vine wreath that hangs under the porch in the Springtime outside my sewing studio window J  

Off to my sewing studio to work on my bed quilt ~

Godspeed, Mary

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