Thursday, July 12, 2012

July FMQ Chal with Angela Walters

This July FMQ Challenge has been fun!  Our instructor for the challenge was Angela Walters, and challenge us ? did she ever J  Thank you so much Angela, I love seeing what you are doing in blog~land.  Thank you SewCalGal.

After years of quilting, this month I am making my first modern quilt in a quilt along with Leah Day, and how appropriate Angela is our July instructor.  I have found while creating this quilt I am using words like "wonky" and "not matching", which sort of means I am doing it right! I thinkJ

For one section of this quilt I applied this months challenge.  I did spirals for the FMQ pattern and had the framework for the tiles set at a "wonky" angle.

This challenge entry piece is part of my race car picnic quilt for "my boys" ~ grandpapa and the wee grandsons.   The start flags are at the bottom right corner; as the cars race on the light colored wonky blocks around corners to the finish line flags at the top right block.  The Zen String is echoed, creating  a pathway wide enough for matchbox size cars and trucks to race a different course.  Hanging on the wall to the far left of the quilt is a "Hot Wheels race car".

July 16, I took "Picnic Racers Modern Quilt" to the university, where along with about a dozen of my quilts, are part of an art exhibit titled, "The Feel Good Gallery", which is open to the public now through the end of September.  I have more quilting I would like to add to this quilt, especially around the pillow area where I drew with thread a few images of cars and road signs; however, any more quilting will have to wait until "Picnic Racers returns home this Fall. 

For more photos of this quilt go to my previous blog, QA# 21 . 

Saddle up , I am off quilting!




  1. Great quilting Mary. What a good idea to use it in part of your quilt-a-long!

  2. Great job!!! I can't wait to see your finished modern quilt!!!

    1. Hi Angela,
      Thank you for writing such kind words. I have updated this post with a photo of my first modern quilt called "Picnic Racer". Today, I took this quilt, along with about a dozen others, to university, where I was invited to participate in an art gallery now through the end of Sept. I received such positive comments from passers-by today, who loved the modern quilting style. There are two sections on the quilt where I applied the FMQ challenge lesson you taught us. One in wonky tiles, and the other area in straight. I did not get closeup photos today, but next time I am at UNHM, I will be sure to take a few to include in this blog. I want to do some more quilting to the borders and the pillow area of the quilt, but time for the showing did not allow it, but once home, hope to do some more FMQ. Thank you for encouraging and sharing your photos and blog.

  3. This is a great quilt Mary! And you have done an awesome job with the quilting! ~Jeanne