Monday, July 23, 2012

Quilt Along #23 Bare Branches, Baby Bibs

This week in our quilt along with Leah Day we worked on a FMQ pattern called Bare Branches.  What a cute pattern, and I could see this one being used in a winter snowman scene as background filler.

Here on green fabric with poly batt I did my practice creating a small sample that will attach to my stitch sampler ring.

 I then used this pattern on a Precious Moment Pink Bib, as the background quilting.  I used a poly batt filler.  The white thread was a bad choice for this project as it made it hard to see the stitches on the  white background; bare branches has you retrace your stitches, and if you can't see them, it is difficult to retrace them. 

Next I made a blue bib, using the same pattern in white thread on a blue colored background.  Much better!  Easier to do as I can see where I have been so know where to go next.  I did the same poly batt, but also included a layer of cotton batt, and I  liked the way the stitches look so much better, as they have more filler for the threads to sink in to. 

Thank you Leah… look forward to our QA Wednesdays!   Can't wait to meet the two little babies who these bibs are for... they were born this summer!

 The bibs are bound and the velcro closures have been added on.


  1. Your Bare Branches look great on al three pieces! Wonderful job! ~Jeanne

  2. Those bibs are "sew" cute! I love all the texture that the quilting gives them.

  3. Adorable bibs, I love Precious Moments! I think the bare branches worked out really well as a background filler on these.