Tuesday, July 3, 2012

QA # 20 Assembling Modern Top Update applique and baby quilts

Yeah ~ it has arrived!  Love my "365 FMQ Designs" book! Love the way it is set up, and the photos are so nice and large ~ no need for glasses :)  Congratulations Leah on this book; it will be a well used resource for me!

What fun it has been learning how to create a "Modern Style Quilt Top", this is my first.  Thank you Leah for teaching us this technique.

 When we started this project, I knew nothing about this quilting style and found trying to make things "wonky" was a bit of a challenge, and led to a few questions.  Thank you Leah for answering my questions last week J

I assembled my blocks in a pattern for this quilt that will allow my two grandsons to have a road for riding cars on with their Grandpapa, (our grandsons are almost 1 and 2 years old).  First I stitched the wonky blocks into strips and then into rows, keeping them all together while I chain pieced them so I did not lose my pattern.

Having assembled the top, pressed seams open (except on the lightest blocks) I am now ready to mark my Zentangle string and baste the three layers together. 

My quilt is pinned, my batting is cotton,and you can see the race car flags, the little triangles, at that start and finish line :)  love my guys!

I completed stitching my first Zen string/division working from the back in order that the wonky blocks were not a distraction, I then turned the quilt over and did the echo quilting.   Once done, I added one more division in the middle of the quilt using a sliver of a bar of soap (soap is what I use on dark fabrics ~ never have trouble getting those marked lines out; keep a sliver in my sewing room draw, old and dry is best)!  Now to begin the quilting process as the basting is all done!  

 Love working without pins getting in the way! 

I "LOVE" how it turned out so far, and can't wait to begin quilting this week.  Thank you Leah.
Update on the baby quilt…. completed the scrap quilt for the baby and used flannel for the backing.  The new parents love it!  Baby shower was this past Saturday!

Update on my applique quilt… top is all assembled and connected, and the sashings are all quilted.   Now to complete beading the borders this week.  Hope to have it completed by the end of July! 

Thank you for reading my post. 

Saddle up ~ Going quilting!



  1. Wow, your Modern Style Quilt Top is so beautiful! I love the road :-)

  2. Great layout, I love the idea of a road for toy cars!