Tuesday, August 7, 2012

QA # 25 Cucumber Vine

August 7, 2012

Cucumber Vine

Quilt Along #25
Thank you Leah for instructing us this week in quilt along #25, Cucumber Vine.  While I spent most of this week doodling it (rather than stitching), as I was away on a long weekend vacation,  my main focus was on trying to get my "C's" going in opposite directions. 

I have to tell you a funny story about this Cucumber Vine pattern this week….While we were vacationing in Upper-state NY, (we went to meet baby "Ivy", one of the two new babies who the Precious Moment bibs I made last month are for).  Upon entering our hotel room in NY, as I turned on the lamp, there it was ~ Cucumber Vine ~ stitched right into the lampshade…. I chuckled and then took a photo for you ~
Later, I went for a walk to a quilt store (whenever I travel, stopping at quilt stores around the country is a must!), and wouldn't you know, I found fabric with the cucumber vine pattern on it too ! Yes, I bought a piece :)   

When I got home, I found I had been a student of cucumber vine for most of the week, and now the pattern was not hard at all to get onto the fabric.
Here you see my FMQ sample sheet, this will go on my ring of FMQ patterns.  
Here you see Cucumber Vine stitched onto a mug rug (this is made from a small piece of an old linen; it goes with my little quilted chair and tea table)..
 Back of the mugrug

Thank you Leah for another great week.  You are teaching me to be on the lookout for FMQ patterns throughout the day, and it is working!   I am finding them in all sorts of places.  Beside our lampshade having Cucumber Vine, our motel room furniture had some great feather motifs!  I took out my doodle pad, and included those sketches in my FMQ journal.

PS... Leah, got a chuckle out of the Advice column on your page; I hadn't seen that before today... I especially enjoyed the  ~ eat, quilt, sleep, repeat...



  1. I have some old bridge napkins that my husband's grandmother made. I'm thinking your mug rugs would be a wonderful way to preserve and use them. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Your quilting looks wonderful! You really had a cucumber vine week! Thanks for sharing! ~Jeanne

  3. You were destined to do great on this design with all of the visual stimuli. And you did! Cute story:)