Wednesday, August 15, 2012

QA# 26 Painting a Quilt

QA week #26  Painting a Quilt

Thank you Leah for this weeks Lesson….  Earlier this year I had made a small wall quilt, "Twister", and I love the colors of the fabrics I chose for the Fall.  However, I used a Large sunflower on black background for one of the twister fabrics as well as a border fabric choice.  Not a good choice for this pattern.

 When I twisted it  the light colored center of the quilt no longer was visible, as it all blended together leaving the twisted pinwheels to not show up very well.  I tried embellishing with some needlework, and it helped, but this weeks QA had me decide to cover the bright yellow sunflowers and this idea really  helped the center twisted pinwheel pop.
Here is the catch, my oil paint sticks did not have a black, and my fabric dye liquid paint had dried up, so I did the next best thing, no I did not use permanent marker, but I chose a fabric crayon and although it did not completely cover the sunflowers, it allowed the flowers to recede enough so the center twist pops. 

 This winter scene photo is my quilt I painted with oil sticks on plain muslin fabric.  When it was dry, I quilted it!  It is my favorite of all my quilts that I have kept for myself thus far!  Love using paint sticks on fabric, still so soft! and the paint sticks don't dry out!  Just peel off the skin layer and they are ready to go.  I have had these oil sticks for over 20 years, and they still work! I learned these painting techniques from Jackie Paton.   Jackie has a fantastic fabric line you can buy similar style panels and fabrics ~ her wedding panel a few years ago was my favorite, I purchased three of them when they came out and made quilts for my adult children when they married (1 more to go). If you don't want to paint your own you can find her fabrics in quilt stores ~ I believe they are part of the Red Rooster line.
Thanks again Leah ~ Loved seeing you with your little boy in the QA video!  James is adorable! 




  1. Huge improvement on the twisted. Lovely!

  2. The paint (and the painter) worked wonders!

  3. Your winter scene is beautiful. You've convinced me to open the package on my oil sticks.....this week.

  4. Amazing the difference it made. Good thinking.