Saturday, September 1, 2012

QA #28 Auditioning Designs

August 31, 2012 

Quilt Along #28 Auditioning Designs

This weeks QA with Leah, (you wouldn't know her computer was still at the repair shop), we continued on this week with another great lesson~ how to audition designs to go in your project.


I am working on quilting accessories for my newly renovated bathroom, I finished making/designing a UFO shower curtain, it will be posted tomorrow in the UFO Sundays with Leah.    So this weeks quilt along project, designing a bath mat, and auditioning which FMQ designs to go on it!


I chose to audition shells , pebbles, swirls, lines, and stippling patterns.  My theme fabric is an ocean scene.  I drew out the design of my quilt, then sketched in different patterns in different areas of the mat. 


I settled on swirls, which reminded me of the snail shaped seashells in the fabric, and a clamshell pattern.  I did the swirls random, and the clamshells I used blue painters tape, cut out the shape and stitched around the tape, going line by line, moving the tape as I went. 
I made three tiny buttonholes, and put 3 suction cups with hooks on my showerstall wall, and there our bathmat hangs, ready to be in use with the next shower.

 There is a rubber grip fabric on the backing (the fabric you use for the bottom of baby feety pajamas), and cotton batt in the middle for absorbency.  I used a layer of tissue paper (for gift wrapping) on the back so the grippers would slide over my supreme slider .  The paper is so thin it tore off very easily. 

I bound it in a dark brown bias binding and stitched the back by hand.  Off to work on more accessories...

Thank you for viewing my blog.  Each week I am learning and reviewing skills, and enjoying sharing my progress with you.   Thanks Leah… see you on Sunday at the UFO posting.

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