Monday, November 12, 2012

Quilt Along #38 Lost Data

~ Happy Veterans Day ~
Thank-you to all who have served! 
I believe the best place to live on the this planet is
The United States of America!

Quilt Along # 38 Lost Data
Quilt Along # 38 is called lost Data..  It is an edge to edge design with large areas of what some call "negative space" where you may incorporate other FMQ  patterns.   In this negative space Lost Data created quilt along #38 used a pattern called Zippling..  Zippling is a great pattern if  you wanted to make people... If you use your imagination you can almost see a little girl running (upside down) at the top of the mountain in the middle.

Thank you Leah for your faithfulness to the project.  Learning so much from you!

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