Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Baby Grandchildren keeping me busy

Crochet summer sandals
Sewing reversible dresses
What joy it is being Mimi to our 4 grandchildren.Our grandsons are ages 3 and 2 and our granddaughters,
both born last year, are ages 1 and 7 months.  

It is so much fun using the skills I have learned in creating
clothing and toys and more for each of them.

Here are a few photos of some recent pieces of work I have made.

Although I love quilting, for now it has been taking a back seat to these other craft skills. 

Terrycloth Robe
Minion mittens and slippers
Smocking Bonnets
Knitting hats




  1. Glad you're back Mary. I love your sweet craft projects. So cute and those grandchildren are sweeter.

    1. Thank you Jennifer ~ I do feel like I have been hibernating... I am having so much fun getting to know each one of our new grandbabies... 3,2,1, and 8 months, a lot of lovin going on :)