Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sewing for the Wedding

Woohoo ~ our daughter was married this weekend and although we are a bit tired ourselves from all the celebrating, we are overjoyed!   They are off on their honeymoon while the parents are having a low key week of relaxation and grandchildren fun in the warm New England sun.

These last two months all my available (and awake) time at home has been spent in my sewing studio making many preparations for the special day.  Although the bride was overjoyed with "the dress" she had purchased, it was in need of some serious alterations over the next 8 weeks :)  Our daughter was so confident her mom could accomplish all of this in her spare time.  I do believe she has more confidence in my abilities than I do at times.

The lovely beaded bodice part of the dress was two sizes too large, the length was one foot too long, and to her dismay it was strapless.   All things a momma could fix, Right?  I set about creating sketches for re-creating the dress and planning a strategy along with a timeline that I thought would accomplish the task at hand. 

As we were in need of perfect matching fabric,  that 12" hem I was to cut off would provide plenty of fabric, which, although it was on the bias, would be just wide enough on the straight of grain to create not only straps for this strapless dress, but also 2 pairs of shoes for the flower girls, 2 ring bearer pillows for the boys, and still have pieces left over for a garter, and a few scraps to go into a crazy quilt block.

 These little shoes were perfect for the occasion and not only were they pretty, they stayed on the little ones feet for the entire day!  The ring bearers pillow is my own creation, no pattern.  The pleats in both elements are a design element in the dress; one I used to create the straps on the dress and later used also on the shoes and the pillows.  

Godspeed ~

Beautiful Bride
Flower girl shoes made from wedding dress fabric
Ring bearer pillows made from wedding dress fabric and lavender I picked from the garden

Here is the link for the pattern for the shoes....


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    1. Thank you Jennifer ~ such a joy to spend these precious days with thread in hand helping with each of the wedding dresses for each of the new families as they prepared for their wedding day.