Monday, February 20, 2012

FMQC February Feathers

The 2012 FMQC has been fun this month as we are
 learning feathers from quilter, teacher and author, Diane Gaudynski ~

Although this challenge has been fun, it has also caused some of us to learn so much more than FMQ, as we learn more about computerized technology, the homebase of the challenge:   blogging, uploading, downloading and linking up! 

Then there is the camera work, in capturing a photo that is worthy of display.  Here are some photos of this months challenge as I attempt to capture photo's of white on white feathers. 
Not giving up, but learning along the way, is all part of this quilters journey. 

Here is a photo of a sample of my work. 
The piece of fabric I quilted feathers on is about 7 feet long.  I was having a hard time getting the right lighting for the photo in which the feathers would show up,
so I moved the photo shoot outside.

I found on the porch I had trouble with shadows from the posts!  So I moved the piece to the yard.

Although the snow (New England USA) was an appropriate setting for the snowman trim on this piece, there was too much glare, and many of the photos developed a pinkish tinge of color.

Back inside, I took a closeup of a section of the snowman edging and
found from the photos that in this room there was not good lighting either.

 I do believe I found the proper setting for this closeup of some of the feathers.

The finished project.... I turned the quilted feather fabric into a large appliance cover for my kitchen where I can enjoy the piece every day :)  Thank you for viewing my work.


  1. Thats a great Idea Mary - I need to do something with all my samples too. Your feathers are lovely.

  2. Nice feathers! I really enjoyed the photography story. Did you set your camera to macro for the closeups?

    1. thank you tammy... Yes, to macro on the good closeup, trying different things with each photoshoot in each setting, lots of photos with digital camera is so nice, you find out right away what works, and what does not :) learning a new camera too. With taking feather and trapunto quilt photos I am finding very different results than a flat quilt.