Tuesday, July 17, 2012

QA # 22 Nametag Label for your quilt

Making a Nametag Label

This nametag label is for my race car picnic quilt for "my boys" ~ grandpapa and the wee grandsons.  Yesterday I hung my quilt at the university, so my nametag will have to be attached to the quilt later this Fall.  I loved using the freezer paper for a template, and by pressing the fabric to the paper it held the fabric taut while I wrote on it, therefore, I was able to make smaller letters and had more space to include additonal information on the label.

 On the block on the bottom of the quilt on the far right you can see the flags, (at the starting gate) they are made from small squares of fabric (they are not prairie point).  The pattern placement of my blocks in this quilt allow 'the boys' to race their cars from the start line driving their cars over all the light colored wonky blocks, to go around around a few corners, and they then can continue onto the finish line flags at the top right block. The Zen String is echoed, creating a pathway wide enough for matchbox size cars and trucks to race a different course.   If you look closely,to the  far left of the quilt (on the wall) you will see a "Hot Wheels race car".

On July 16, yesterday, I took my "Picnic Racers Modern Quilt" to the university, where along with about a dozen of my quilts, is part of an art exhibit with other artists, titled, "The Feel Good Gallery".  The gallery will be open to the public now through the end of September.   There is still some more quilting I would like to add to this modern quilt, (especially around the pillow area) where
I drew in thread a few images of cars and road signs and lettering; however, any more quilting will have to wait until "Picnic ~ Racers" returns home this Fall. Hidden within some of the FMQ are a few written messages- I love writing within the quilting to be found later by those who study the quilting!

Thank you Leah, this was a great experience, and I was delighted to find in talking with the people viewing my quilt how much they liked the assorted quilting patterns and appreciated this modern style of quilting.  I do believe I will one day make another "Modern" quilt.

Question for you Leah... my background fabric, is a blend of poly and cotton, and my batting is cotton in this quilt, the other fabrics are cotton.  When FMQ, when I got to the darkest fabric, the one that was a poly/cotton blend, all too often my needle pulled bits of cotton to the surface of the quilt; on the other fabrics this hardly happened at all.  Do you know if there was a reaction  with the poly in the fabric to the cotton batt that caused this to happen?  That is my assumption, but wonder what you think about that.


  1. Hi Mary, love your quilted linen chair seat. Just wondering if you are the Mary I know from NH. I used to live in Rochester and belonged to a smocking group with a Mary Fanslau. Please e-mail me back if it is you.


    1. Oh Claire ~ Yes I am ~ so good to hear from you! A while back I looked for you, and found you had moved, our loss! Hope you and family are all well and that you are stitching with another group :)
      Godspeed my friend ~