Sunday, September 9, 2012

My FMQ challenge project September with Paula Reid

September FMQ Challenge has been fun.  Thank you Paula Reid for your tips and suggestions!  I wish I had the small hole throatplate for my machine to try, but I do my FMQ on a husqvarna embroidery machine, and it did not come with one.  Alas, but will try that on my Janome at sometime in the future.

I used your design stencil, and traced it onto tissue paper, and pinned it to my layers of fabrics.  

I then quilted it and tore the paper away when done.

  The first circle wreath I did, I quilted for the bottom of a basket I  was covering for my newly refinished bathroom. 

I usually use little rubberized pillow pads I made for my hands to move my quilts, and they have worked great for FMQ.   However, when I saw Paula,s bats she uses, I took out two little stamps I had just purchased to play with the grandsons on a future project, and tried those.  They worked terrific! 

The height of the stamp took so much pressure off of my hands and the foam stuck so nicely to the project.   These fabrics I am using for this project are home dec canvases, and found they were hard on the needles you suggested, having broke 2 the first 1/2 hour.   So I put in my old one, a denim universal, and we finished up nicely.   Will try Paula's suggestion for a needle next time I work with the cottons.

I did an earlier post today of a photo tutorial for the diretions of how I quilted this stencil, where I went first and so on.

Thanks Paula and sew cal gal...


  1. Great job. I learned the tip about using regular household sponges to move the quilt a couple of months ago. Works great doesn't it.

  2. This looks wonderful! I'm waiting for my machine to be fixed - have the denim needles - then I'll try this! ~Jeanne

  3. Glad you had success with the denim needle. Where were you able to find spongy stamps? They look almost exactly like Paula's bats!

  4. Finalmente conseguimos lo que queremos con las máquinas y las agujas. Buen trabajo.

  5. Your feather wreath is beautiful! So smooth on all the curves. I've been procrastinating this month's challenge because I've never tried to FMQ a marked design before and I'm SCARED! :-O

    BTW, I'm pretty sure you can get a straight stitch plate for your Husqvarna Viking machine as an accessory from your dealer. Straight stitch plates work better for embroidery, too, because the needle stays in the center position while the hoop moves the fabric all over the place. You really only need the stitch plate that comes with the machine when you're doing zigzags, buttonholes, or decorative machine stitches. Also when piecing, your triangle tails won't get eaten by the big hole of a 5 mm or 9 mm stitch plate!