Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quilt Along # 30 Paisley

Thank you Leah  for Quilt Along number 30, the Paisley tutorial!  This is my journal page of notes on the design.

This is my sample of the quilt along #30 paisley  pattern ~

              This is the paisley pattern that I used on a small basket mat to go under a metal basket in my renovated bathroom!Will use this pattern again in future quilts.

I am looking forward to learning more pivotal designs from you.   Still enjoying my 365 FMQ design book ~ thanks for putting the patterns in a book.



  1. You did an awesome job! It looks great on that red with yellow thread!

  2. Two things struck me about your first example: 1. love the idea of quilting the pattern number in the sample, and you obviously are saving them in a book, and 2. In the upper left hand corner the paisleys are starting to look like hearts. I think it is probably possible to make that a purposeful design element.

    I agree with Danielle and Pat, wonderful quilting!

  3. Hi Mary. Your contrast of yellow on red looks fabulous. I'm jealous as I'm currently still in purple-on-purple land in my sewing room. : ) I hope that my brain will figure out soon how to choose quilting thread colors that will pop out and enhance the quilt. Great practice piece!