Sunday, September 9, 2012

UFO 3 Sunday ~ Bathmat inspiration

UFO Sunday

September 9, 2012

This weeks UFO project I am working on, which I thought was completed last week, (until I saw Cindy Needham's project)  ~ a quilted bathmat for our updated bathroom to match the shower curtain.

                                                    (front of plain clamshells on right)

I had used a clamshell design in FMQ on the plain white canvas, using blue painters tape cut out for a pattern to follow (no marking).  Then I received Cindy Needhams newsletter, (love Cindy's work), which had a photo of a quilt with clamshells on it, and she had quilted the ripples of the shells onto her piece.  It is beautiful!  I was so inspired I had to give it a try, so my finished bathmat now became this weeks UFO.

                                                  (this is the back of the plain clamshells)

So I made a few drafts of how I would do the ripples of the clamshell pattern in my journal.

I then made a sample sheet in cloth to see how it would work up in cloth, and decided which design of the ripple patterns I liked best.

                                   ( I chose the bottom row on left with the little v's in middle )

WahLah ~  here is my completed bathmat, with my clamshells now containing ripples.  Thanks Cindy for the inspiration ~ see you on Craftsy with Leah and Angela!

Thanks Leah!   Off to make some quilted basket covers and liners and then a few small runners for the shelves!  Down to the last bits of fabric for the bathroom projects.



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  1. Nice job! Love the Clam shells! Looks like your bathroom will have a full makeover;)