Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Quilt Along # 42 Spiral Ornaments

LOL ~ Leah, you are too funny.... next week we get to "Cough up a cat hairball FMQ pattern!"   Having been a cat owner my whole life, I have "sew" many images and will laugh out loud all the while stitching next weeks Quilt Along "43!

QA#42 Spiral Ornaments

So enjoyed seeing this pattern done on the video Leah !  Thank you for sharing with us these tutorials on how you start them and go all the way to the finish.  I tried something a little different on this one.  Although I really liked the way you did this pattern, especially for finishing borders, starting at one end and doing the curve line knowing where it would finish and then adding your spirals onto the line, I tried something more random and as I curved the line, I added spirals in as I went along using this pattern as more of a random filler.   Thanks Leah and Merry Christmas to you and your family!