Monday, August 11, 2014

Color ~ CQ Beginner Block

Having a fun time learning as I stitch this Crazy Quilt sampler block on a palette of tan colors.  For this block I am working on one of my rectangle clip hoops.  As you know (if you have been following my blog) I thought it would be fun to challenge myself a bit more and expand what I am learning in the crazy quilting class  to include a little bit of a study on "color" as I stitch along with Kathy and fellow quilters.   The acronym KISS (keep it simple silly) just doesn't fit my personality and is part of the problem that feeds the collection of UFO's (unfinished objects) that fill my design wall.
So far I have created 7 monochromatic crazy quilt blocks with hopes of making at least a dozen to do embellishment on.  Maybe one day I will stitch them out with a theme completing one block for each month of the year ~ or one for each member of our family now that we are twelve, or even one for each holiday of the year and include some seasonal embellishments as well.

As I set out to stitch a few lavender flowers on a piece of linen one warm summer morning last week before doing seam embellishment work on my crazy block I looked at my array of skeins of embroidery floss and decided to arrange them by colors, light to dark, the blues, then the greens, yellows, etc... and after I battled with a few of the  off-whites/ tans and browns trying to decide which pile when the thought came in to try to lay the solid colors out like a rainbow.  I then expanded that thought further by trying my hand at sorting them from light to dark to light again as each skein went from one color family and blended into another.  Oh my ~

Here is a photo I took after some time playing with the threads;
eventually I sat down to do seam embellishment.
Love a day when I get to create and play like a child with a new box of crayons.

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