Sunday, August 3, 2014

CQ Block study of color

Crazy Quilt Block Class
I am enjoying this Crazy quilt beginner class with teacher Kathy Shaw.    Although many of the students (like myself)  have been stitching for some time, Kathy has all her students start with this beginner class before taking a more advanced class.  This has been great as I have already learned tips, tricks and techniques not only from Kathy but also from many of the students that write on our classroom blog.
I thought I would challenge myself a little further and do a study on color along the way.  We are all working with a neutral palette that can include tones and colors beyond tan and white.  I thought I would do my class block in an all off-white color palette using four different fabrics.  I then would take the challenge a little further and do the identical block pattern in all whites.  I enjoyed the result so much I created a third block using yellows.  Photos for those 3 blocks can be seen in the previous post.
Today I am posting blocks four, five, six and seven that I created... the more you do this pattern the more familiar you get with the pieces, the faster it goes.  I also was able to apply different construction techniques as I created each block.  Each of these blocks are also monochromatic (single color) and each block includes a lace, satin and/or texture fabric.  The colors of these final four blocks are blue, gray, brown and green.
4 Blue
Hmmm, although each block is the same identical pattern, it has been fun to see how different each block looks when done in a different color palette.  
To further my study, I am considering using a different stitch pattern and thread color for each seam on the block, and then repeating that pattern with the same thread color choice on that same seam on all the rest of the blocks to see what effect the same stitch and color thread has on each different fabric color palette.

5 Gray
I am also utilizing the assorted frames and hoops I have as a test to see when compared to each other on the same size projects which type, style and size hoop I prefer working on over the others.   Once the blocks are in the hoop, they will remain in the hoop until completed.  Those photos will be in a future posting.

6 Brown
7 Green



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