Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tutorial ~ how to make a spiderweb rose template

Tutorial for making pattern stencil for SRE of the spider-web rose motif.


How to make a round spider-web/circle pattern that is clear that allows  you to see object for pattern placement.


I first took a sheet of my laminate product and put it through the "HOT" laminator machine sealing two sheets together.

I laid the clear laminate on my white binder so you could see the shiny edges

While the laminate cooled I collected assorted circle shape sizes from around the house.

medicine cup, bottle tops, washer, curtain ring, and toy shapes

I then took a permanent marker and traced the circles, inside and outside the circle when able to, to create my patterns.  

eyeballing and marking centers while drawing circle helps with lining up for placement

Next I drew in the "Y" shape inside the circle, then added two more straight lines to make the web shape.  I then drew in assorted circles within the circle keeping an eye out for equal distance, that the circles now look like targets.

Y seam drawn then 2 more lines added then target circles drawn in

I then took a large chenille needle and poked holes in the center of the target, and then wherever the target lines and spiderweb lines meet.  This allows each circle to be a pattern that has many sizes within itself.  Because of the clear nature of the laminate, and the permanent nature of the markers, I can now use a sharpened pencil and mark my circles for SRE rose motifs more accurately for what I was looking for and have many sizes to choose from.     

Even this thick permanent marker can be seen through the laminate

Even though the laminate is thinner than stencil plastic, I will be using this technique in the future for making my pattern stencils for seam embroidery  as well as for Silk ribbon embroidery patterns, as it gives a much larger and much clearer reference to the seam for more accurate placement of your design than just the little cutouts I was looking through using the solid white paper.  Vellum, although clearer than paper and provides for  more accurate computer printed pattern, this having to draw/trace the stencil pattern onto the laminate allows you to also "write" the pattern (so to speak) in your brain.  

Loving learning from Kathy, would recommend taking her classes if you get the opportunity.   She is a very inspiring teacher!  Way to go Kathy.

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