Saturday, August 30, 2014

Framed ~ Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Well it is now a finished block ~ and I framed it!  As time allows I will do some embellishment aroun the photo to connect the unit as a whole.  I included a piece of the cotton eyelet when I added to the block to make it fit the photo frame.  I decided I like finished projects,  so, before I could start stitching my new blocks for the Intermediate Crazy Quilt Class with teacher Kathy Shaw, I had to purpose this Beginner Block and here it is ~ Thanks Kathy for teaching!

It is now on display in our home in this Photo Frame.... more work will be added as time allows.
Beginner Silk Ribbon Embroidery Block Framed

Now this next photo, yes that is Silkies from Kathy Shaw, and Silk Ribbon and all sorts of delightful do-dads from Thearica at Crazy Quilting Supplies.

Silkies, Ribbons and more, Oh My

 Tonight I am basting block 1 for class.

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