Sunday, September 9, 2012

FMQ Challenge September ~ Paula Reid ~ how to do the stencil

Thank  you Paula for the challenge tutorial for September.  I have tried a few of your tips with great success.

This is the direction I am doing the stencil in.   First I turned it over and am working from the backside as I prefer the feathers to go in this direction.  THen I traced the pattern in different  colors so I could learn where I was going to retrace.

These are the photos for the direction of the inner and outer feathers. I started the circle at the dot then went N, w, s and backto the dot....

then I drew out the first feather, retraced a little of the circle drew the second feather from the back side to meet at the top of the first feather,

then did the bump bump method of drawing over the top of the second feather by retracing then creating the top of the third feather at the bump.. 

and continued in that order doing inside then the outside feathers

when done the circle will retrace my steps and start thecorner motifs with the teardrop and work thefeathers each side then thetop of the motif.
Having fun quilting today!


  1. Well done Mary!! I didn't think about bump method, but that would work great for this stencil. I am going to try and get things ready to quilt. I have been painting my family room so haven't touched my quilting. I am turning the family room into my sewing room!!!
    Thanks for the tutorial, you've helped to make it quite simple :-) Martha.

  2. This is great! I keep a copy for when I try again.