Friday, August 8, 2014

Let the stitching BEGIN, CQ beginner Class

Let the stitching begin!  Enjoying the beginner crazy quilt class with Kathy Shaw and fellow students.  Kathy is doing a wonderful job teaching us her techniques for crazy quilting and keeping us moving toward the goal of completing our blocks by Septembers end.

Having laminated and cut out my stencils, I began lining up each one on its corresponding seam and marking so I would know where each base stitching was to go.

The seams are all marked with the pattern dots for placement of stitching, and the 's' curve has been penciled in as well.  If you look closely you will see I numbered on the muslin the row numbers that correspond with each stencil pattern.

For the seams that are 'landlocked' that do not touch the outside muslin, I have numbered those as well and have drawn in a double pointed arrow in the direction of the seam so I can line it up correctly with the stencil.
With my BIG 3 ring binder notebook in my lap, it helps to hold the embroidery frame so one hand can get underneath my work allowing me to use the stick-n-stab method for embroidering these patterns.  You can see I have the binder opened to the class pattern sheet (on the right page) for easy reminders of which pattern I am working on for each seam.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and leave a comment. Enjoy learning CQ!

    1. Oh thank you Annet for visiting ~ I so enjoy seeing your work! You inspire me. I especially enjoyed seeing your most recent posting of the white work with those oval pearl-like beads you embellished with. It was such a lovely piece. I am having a fun time learning with Kathy and the other ladies .