Saturday, August 23, 2014

SRE completed Crazy Quilt Block

I completed my Beginner Crazy Quilt Class with Kathy Shaw!  Fantastic Teacher ~
 I have had a needle and thread in my hands since a small child, and Kathy still has taught me some wonderful things in the beginner class!  This class was inspirational and the instruction was presented in a step by step approach with enough limited access to what was in the next class to be inspired and not fearful.  It kept me from feeling overwhelmed and I had the confidence Kathy would assist us all the way through to completion if we were interested in learning/mastering the skills. 

Watching fellow classmates along the way was not only inspiring, but I learned from them as each shared their wisdom with fellow classmates along the journey.  Their encouragement was an extra gift from those willing to invest in sharing such words and for which I am grateful.

It has been a great adventure in Beginner Crazy Quilting, and I thought you might like to see the completed block. 

My Beginner Crazy Quilt Block
I am now off to join Kathy once again in the next level, the intermediate crazy quilt class, with a ream of paper, binder in hand and silk ribbon on order :)   This is not your grandmother's embroidery class either ~ Kathy your work on Color theory is knock-your-socks-off wonderful!  I was laughing while I was reading it, and my husband ask me what was so funny, and all I could think of was if you saw me doing the study of color earlier this month with my embroidery threads and monochromatic color blocks, you had to be laughing to know how deep a study in color you would later take us on if I only could stick it out!  The scientist in me LOVED the information I have received so far.  Thank you Kathy~



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    1. Thank you Jennifer for visiting the blog and leaving comments. That is so nice. It has been wonderful refining some crazy quilting techniques and learning silk ribbon embroidery. And with 2 baby granddaughters, I may have some teaching to do in the future.

  2. Your block is beautiful, your attitude and willing to proceed further is so inspiring. I am with you and echo your comments, Kathy is one inspiring teacher and Mary you are a wonderful stitcher, a teacher's dream

    1. Thank you Linda for visiting the blog and sharing your kind words. Your own work is so beautiful and inspiring to the rest of us in class. It has been a wonderful experience in our online class and fun to be with others like yourself that get so excited learning these new-to-us techniques! I am so glad I found out in time to join the class before registration closed and that Kathy let us in to the next level and not wait until October is like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. See you in the next class.